Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Thrillers ★ Adult ★ YA

Gone it is,

The happiness,

A feeling of soaring,

Through the skies,

It is gone,

Gone with the days,

Of no worries,


The unsettled,

Murk of anxiety,


Deep inside…

I lie awake,

Staring at the ceiling above,


What else is to come?

Fear for my family, friends and neighbors,

This virus is not done…


It is far from done,

It will continue,

A rampage of havoc,

Inciting more fear and panic.

As more lives it claims,

It will inscribe its name,

In history,

For plagues of fame.

The spirits around me,

Are indeed dim.

Our outlook…

Even more grim.

As a world united,

By such catastrophe,

We ask ourselves…

Can we get past this?

Are we strong?

How much more shall we endure?

To find a cure?

So that we may all live,

Our happily ever after.

And happiness will…

Reign supreme again.